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"Raven's Magical Flight"

Into the mist of a golden dawn, do I the Raven fly, past all ageless boundaries of time, place, and space. As I courageously spear fourth, into the blackened unknown, against the wishes of some less adventurous than I . Although they, I dearly love , and hold all of them in great admiration. But as I am strongly compelled by distant voices, calling me from afar, to join them in this magical dance, I can not stay here for long, Absent is any power upon this Earth, that could constrain me from this travel, or mute my ears, to the calling of the enchanting songs from the Heavenly stars, upon my very soul.

As I dare to brave this venture of spiritual journey, I can not help but hear some calling to me: "Devil worship, death and to hell you will go." But I vanquish these calls of ignorance, least I lose my heart. I turn away not from Heaven, but the foolish man. My voyage goes on with out shame, for I seek the wisdoms of the ages. I stand upright before God and all of Creation in this life, and so on into the after life, as I have always had a curiosity to know my Creator.

By James R. Morgan II


I walk between the worlds of life and death, Heaven and Hell, as my Spirit has done, since the dawning of time . I dwell in the common form of a man, but am I man? My only realities are the wishes that you make, in the still of the night, when you think that no one hears you, as you gaze up and make your wish upon a falling star. Your hopes are my ambition, and all your quiet little whispers, do I hear in the darkness of the night. Your lustful desires are felt by me.

For you see, I am a brother to Angels and Demons alike. Trapped in this Earthly flesh, bone, and blood, for an entirety. Wandering the spaces of time and place, the Earth shall be my domain forever more. I am Magic, and there of, a part of Creation everlasting, riding upon the wings of Dragons, in a parallel universe to yours. My body dies over and over, but still I live for that which is eternal. It shall never meet true death, nor shall it be turned to dust.


For I am the glimpse of fathom shapes, in the darkened shadows of your room, as I am the fleeting echo of voices, in the thickened depths of a darkened forest. I am the speaker of Divine and Holy words, that shake the Earth with thunder, and racks the skies with lighting, as they aid me in my quest for justice.

These forces of creation are in me, as I am in them. I am he that serves the Creator, and all the ancient Goddesses, and the Gods. I am the Ghost Dancer, that dances the spiraling dance of change, between the worlds. You have known of me for thousands of years, and have looked upon me in the light of each day. You have felt me in your presence in the dusk of each night. But still, you do not recognize me. I have always known your bloodlinem from the very beginningm and will be here to bid the last of youm fair thee well.

You should know my name by now, for I have many. You have called me so many times. My name is Wizard, Priest, Holy Man, Witch Doctor, Witch, Shaman, Monk, and Ghost Dancer. I am he, that holds deep within the Holy Spirit of Creation. I am he, in tattered clothing, walking down an endless road, rendering what the world calls miracles, to the sick, hungry, cold, and the homeless.

I am the vessel of creation, that rights the evils of the man, and teaches compassion, mercy, and justice, to them that will listen . And to they that have seen me, and have known my ways, and who respects me not, neither loves me, or my ways, chances Heavens judgment to their very souls. And that judgment is a thing, far worse than hell itself. For I am Heavens Spirit, reincarnate into flesh . . . I am the Messenger.

By James Richard Morgan II


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