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Death, What is it?

Will we return back to the place from which we came?

Will our souls grow older, or stay the same?

Have we learned all that we can learn, here upon this Earth?

How much of a legacy will we leave, when our bodies are laid in girth?

Will we take with us the love that we feel?

Will the travel of souls, from us,our memories steel? Shall the grave rob us, of the warming sun?

Will the memory of our lives, from men's minds run?

Shall the Angels carry us away, from the greenness of the Earth?

Shall a new child in the world, take our place in its birth. As our last breath we do exhale, as our bodies go flat with the life we expel, Shall we float above the clouds so high, or in wormy Earth forever do we lie?

At our demise, will anyone notice, or will anyone cry, will anyone save us, Will anyone try?

Will anyone hear us, and feel our grief, and at the same time, will they feel our pains relief?

Will we be rewarded, for a life well done?

Will all of our misdeeds. be held to us. or be forever undone?

Will we ever, in this world, be reborn?

Will we suffer the agony of past lives, sharp brambles, and thorns?

Shall we be no more, than a apparition in a old house, with its own decay?

Shall our spirits be in a confusion, forever, tragedies we to ourselves replay?

In time, will our bodies turn to dust, and will men desiccate our tombs, for moneys lust?

Will our death be fast, or be it slow?

Will we be awake, or will we even know?

For each day we step, one inch closer to this our fate, as our final dance evermore, do we contemplate. For, in that day, ones passions and worldly goods are useless, and broken, for deaths fairy man across the river only accepts tokens. So, be ye thinking, of the Reaper, or be ye not, Be ye warned, you the Reaper, has not forgot. Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-639-2224

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