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Important message from Dragon Spells

Greetings from Dragon Spells. Dragon Spells has had the honor and privilege of being on the air while serving its public going for over nine years now, however like all things even the site of Dragon Spells must eventually come to a end, especially when MSN has deemed it necessary to eliminate its group sites for whatever reasons, and thus I deeply regret in informing you of the sad fact being the closer of Dragon Spells and it groups. I would say to all my friends out there, all is not lost and I'm never very far away as you can still find me on the Blood Love And Lust Spells site from time to time should you need to contact me for any reason.

With this said and aside, I must say, that this is going to be a little strange for me in not seeing Dragon Spells up on the search engines anymore as I'm sure is the case with a great many of you out there reading this, this is somewhat of a disappointment to all of us I would imagine, of course I'm referring to the search engines cutting back on their free and paid services, however these are the signs of the times that we will be seeing more and more of this as time marches onward unfortunately.

Over the years Dragon Spells has endured and or suffered through a divorce along with myself lol, not to mention being attacked and slandered by a couple of money grubbing, power hungry people who ended up owning rogue magick sites, but these enemies of the faith and traitor sites suffered greatly as result of their negative efforts aside from failing miserably at everything they tried to do with the scandals they attempted to launch against the Dragon Spells and Blood Love And Lust Spells web sites. There will always be some out there trying to destroy the good work at hand out of greed, jealousy and spite, but as I've stated before, Divinity will judge all as it has judged them in their lives and more so reward everyone accordingly to their deeds. Remember: if it's not the truth then it's a lie no matter how hard one tries to distort the very nature and or reality of truth. What you do in life becomes a part of history and moreover is written down by heavenly scribes for the day of real judgment. Dragon has endured technical and submission problems throughout its time on the air but yet overcame all the obstacles thrown in its way until now it would seem, lol.

As many of you know, I've officially retired from spell casting going on a couple of years now and have turned Dragon Spells over entirely to my beautiful wife and true love Jan Windglows who now handles all its spell casting traffic and so on. Although Jan and I cast as a team, I am officially retired from any business aspects of the sites and work to help Jan occasionally with castings. If you would like to contact Enchantress Jan her email is: and her site can be found at:

Over the years, I've met and assisted numerous good souls that have in turn made their lives that much better in not only having faith in Divinity and dragon spells but through their own determined personal self efforts, their spiritual evolvement in short, and thus the world is a better place as a result of this. I feel very successful in that Divinity's word has been conveyed properly and moreover that my work is now done, I can finally take a rest now, I can rest in the fact that the Dragon Spells now lives on through my wonderful wife Enchantress Jan's efforts and sites.

Its said that Dragon Spells has been a highly successful magick site and more so a leading authority in the black and white magical arts both on and off the net, to which has in turn made it the leading spell casting service amongst other things etc, yes, this is a good thing in my opinion and it's nice to be considered in this way, however I'd like to think that the site of Dragon Spells has also accomplished so much more in that it was also successful in teaching people that they can handle old problems in new and positive ways by strengthen their faith in the Divine and further by carrying out what they've learned through their own personal and spiritual evolvements.

I would also like to believe that Dragon Spells has reintroduced the masses to Divinity over all through the information its provided such as methods of self evaluation, spiritual connection and maintaining spiritual fortitude. Again, I believe that this site has been successful in the discerning of ambiguous holy teachings and or in putting holy teachings into good old plan english that everyone can understand. You can't implement something into your life and put it to good use unless you understand it, right?

I would most certainly love to think that this site has made a difference in the lives of millions of people all around the world in the way that it gave them a clear and decisive path to follow not to mention the power of crystal clear decrement in what is real in life and what is not, what is true or simply an illusion. Most everyone who has come into contact with the Dragon or the Blood Love And Lust Spells sites has greatly benefited in some way within exception to a few, but like they say:

There's always a few bad apples that fall away from every tree, lol, or to quote Jesus in saying, Some seeds will fall upon stony ground only to wither and die away. To quote Jesus once again: What good is it in preaching to the masses if the people you are speaking to aren't comprehending what your saying, they might be impressed with your fancy words and think you a great man, however they won't be benefiting from the message your giving them and thereof wasting everyone's time.

Yes, Dragon Spells has had a few hurdles throughout the years like any site but survived it all by the grace of Divinity, not to mention being comforted by the kind words and deeds of its viewers just like you, I and many others believe that Dragon Spells has done the good work and its message will eco on to everyone whom comes across its pages in times ahead.

And now the end has come, or has it?, we have plans of eventually building another Dragon Spells site however it will be solely operated by Jan and not myself and thus be looking out for the link to it on the Blood Love And Lust Spells site. With the global state of affairs being as they are, it's hard for us to imagine not having a site like Dragon Spells on the air, as this is when the world needs sites like this the most.

It is a sad instance when people trample a Security Guard to death in getting to a Wall-Mart sale on wide screen T.V's during their Christmas shopping and or when a 13 year old boy feels that he has to go to school with a gun only to shoot himself with it in the bathroom, he does this just because he's so afraid of where the next bullying attack will come from.

Why should a child be made to feel this type of fear? The world needs to hear and abide in Divinity's message before we have another war mongering president whom feels it necessary to kill thousands on both sides for the sake of his fathers oil, a president who thought nothing in lying to the very people who trusted him most, A man that abused his power openly and cost the lives of our sons and daughters. We must asked ourselves: Who is responsible for the shedding of innocent blood?

The answer is : We Are, by standing around and doing nothing to prevent it. If the Divinity's Word had only been whispered to those who needed it in time the world could have been a better and safer place to live in retrospect. As I've said in other pages on the site, this is a wicked world in which we live and I only wish there were more sites out there that could perhaps spread this same message of life, the same message of life that can be found on Enchantress Jan's site. Jan's site is the closest thing you'll see to Dragon Spells as it has a lot of the same material on it not to mention being built on the same principles as Dragon Spells.

Enchantress Jan Windglows is a very kind, wonderful, beautiful, and generous lady who has been endowed with endless gifts of the spirit, she deeply loves Divinity and sincerely loves and cares about all her clients as her testimonials reflect, I will vouch for her in every respect and moreover stand behind her in all that she deems necessary, I'm very impressed with Jan and consider her not only to be a very down to earth person but someone with extra ordinary magical capabilities.

In closing i will just say, that I'll miss all of you so much, I thank you for not only trusting and letting me into your lives but in having faith in our beloved Divinity to whom all things are possible, I thank several of you out there for becoming my personal friends over the years and just want to let you know that I will never forget any of you, no more then I'd forget a family member.

You will always be in my prayers in other words and I wish you all the best in the days ahead. I'd also like to thank all of you out there for enriching my life as this has been a learning experience for me as well throughout the years, Dragon Spells has allowed me to share my life with you and moreover allowed me to learn from all of you as well. It's not about fame, glory or money for me, it never has been. It is about learning from each others mistakes and becoming better people as a result of this, I believe that I've become a better person in meeting all of you in short, It's because of you that Dragon Spells stayed on the air as long as it did and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Throughout the years I've been asked for spiritual advice regarding this and that and thus I thought it only fair to leave you with these last bits of wisdom before I go back into the forest and deserts from which I came, I will just say: Always search for Divinity, not only in bad times but in good times as well, once you find Heaven then remember them, always stay true to and love Heaven with all your heart and soul. Be true and respect not only yourselves but others and know what is real in life and meaningful in life and or what is lasting.

Always do the right thing by others even if it means you losing out in the end or causes you to be ridiculed by others as a result. Be mindful of your actions and live by God's laws even if it causes you to become unpopular at times, even if it causes you to lose your life for the greater good. Fight the good fight and know that Divinity always stands behind the Righteous, The gates of Hell shall never prevail against the true and pure of spirit.

Make sure that what you believe in is a real thing and then stand against the winds of adversity defending it in Divinity's Name. Know, that Divinity lives in you as it lives in others and that All will be judged according to their deeds in this life and in death. When you look into the eyes of another person no matter how great or small they be, know that it is Divinity looking back at you and treat them accordingly.

Finally, please know that Divinity was with you in the day of your birth and shall be there for you upon your death, even when all others have failed or forsaken you at life's end, and thus the only real thing we all have in this life is our relationship with this Divine Force Of Creation and or Divinity. Make a conscious effort to walk the path of light in a world of darkness and choose to be the advocate of Divinity's ways.

Be in the world but not of it as wicked ways hide behind every corner seeking only to bring you down. Divinity will recognize its own in the end and reward each one accordingly to their efforts. Remember, darkness isn't present where light exist, hate and intolerance loses ground in the heart that is filled with peace,unity, fairness and love. Justice lives in the heart of righteous people and takes flight from all evil.

Injustice and adversity takes flight in the face of Divine truth. Divinity's Word, is truth and this truth is a reality in its self that never changes throughout the spans of time. Be a positive force in the world, and if you can't love your enemies then at least turn them over to Divinities judgment then choose to be happy in your life.

Only then can you be truly free from oppression. May all of you know peace, true love and prosperity in your lives and more so be kept from harms way by Divinity's merciful hand, may no man ever know you as enemy and all consider you the healing messenger of Divinity. These are the unending truths revealed to me in my instance of temporary death some years ago. Until we meet again. ---------------- Your friend Jim Morgan

Telephone : 208-714-4348

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