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Dragon Spells is all about working with you, to achieve the maximum overall betterment of your life. Not about money, or what we can get out of you. Most sites today, do have your best interest at heart, but maybe not to the extent that Dragon Spells does. That's why I felt compelled to address a few things here within this page for you, the public. First of all, none of us here claim to be God. Nor, do we claim to be supernatural beings that can in any way command Angels to do anything for us. But, success rates are unusually high with our spell castings. The only reason for this, is the fact that they love us all, and that we are devout in our faith toward them. We communicate with the "Angelic Host" of our creators heavenly thrones, on a daily basis, in order to keep up a good working rapport with them. Also, we take responsibility in the way that we conduct ourselves and act in the capacity of a servant to our creator, in it's many different forms.

We do this with the sole intent, of helping you to know (or to better understand) your link to them. Nothing more - nothing less. We will submit our ancient prayers to this force of creation, every day, on a person's behalf, to ask mercy and justice in a situation. We do not exclude any part of Heaven. Nor do we proclaim any part of them, as being evil, or our enemies. We do realize, that we are connected to them, as they are to us in every way. We do believe in an all knowing, all loving, and sovereign, force of creation. We know this source to be perfect in every way. Further more, we consider that the Universal Force of Creation will work in many different ways to which we can not understand at this point in our mental and spiritual evolution. Never- the- less, we still maintain our faith in knowing that all things will work out for our good.

We believe, that all things happen, as a result of this force of creation and that nothing, (and I mean nothing) can happen in one's life, without its divine permission. Even though we may ask for a thing or two of this divine source for a person in the end it really is ultimately up to them. They decide, to either grant a spell or not. Also, in what way they will grant it. There are a few sites and people out there that have a lot to say with their smart little comments pertaining to the site of "Dragon Spells," in the regards to these issues. Such as, not liking us charging a fee for the work that we do. Or, that we teach the public how to perform magick, or speak to the Heavens through prayer that will in turn allow them the opportunity to take control of their own lives. Instead of giving other people, that control, to do whatever over them.

Or ... that we let folks in on a few little secrets, that they would like us to keep a secret. This is to that site or person that thinks in this way. We Don't Care what you think we should do! We listen to Divinity not your shallow little narrow minded views of how you second guess Divinity and what it wants. Do you know more than the rest of us? I don't think so... And now that I have gotten this out of the way... Let me address why our fees are so much higher than the 20 to 150 dollar fees that you would pay on other sites, for any given LOW Magic Spell offered to you under the pretence of it being a "High Magic Spell!". Our spells are really High Magic Spells! As such, this is no simple task. We write them up in long hand, in many types of ancient alphabets, that take two to three sheets of parchment paper, two feet in length and 10 inches in width. We also draw up a rather complex astrological, planetary, and elemental chart, that is used as the offering plate in any given ritual. We will use this to route out the time and place, that we would do a spell by.

We hand craft wax doll effigies, 12 inches high for each person targeted in a spell, for the actual casting of the spell itself. These spells can also last up to four or five hours in duration. There are blood offerings given from the priest him or herself. NOT a poor little animal, like a chicken, cat or dog !!! There is just a lot of all-out preparation, and other things, going on with these very massive spells. We spend hundreds of hours, in some cases, counseling and giving support with any given client, at any time of the day or night . You see, we really don't leave a client, until they are totally happy with the results of their spell! No matter how long it takes, we do whatever it takes to get the job done. Now as you can see, we really do care!! And, we are the real thing here. That's a fact! The fee that is paid, goes for man hours, materials, and site repair, as a certain amount will also go out to help the needy. Now, let me ask you this... If you are looking at this site as a perspective client, have you received these things from the other sites that you have been to in the past?

If you are a magick site reading this, do you offer all these services to your clients? Are you a licensed site and are you legit? Are you conducting yourself in a proper manner with your clients? Do you give the clients your home address and telephone number, or do they just get the old post office box, and answering machine? Do you stay with the client and follow their progress? Do you call them to see how they're doing, or are you too busy? Do you stand behind your work? WE DO!! Here is the bottom line folks...We are here to serve you, the person in need. If I have to do your spell for free, because you have no money, then I will do it! I will never turn anyone away for the sake of not having money. But, you will have to give me some proof of this fact before I will take your case on in this way. If you do have my fee, then you must try to pay my fee!. If the fee is to high for you, then you must be honest with me and tell me so I can work something out with you. I really don't want you out borrowing the money, and having me contributing to your debt. I am not out to take your last penny, or to break you, or harm you. I don't want to add to your problems, I want to be your problem solver.

For all this this site offers you , I would like to be paid the worth of my work, if you can do it. Now, you know there are a lot of good sites out there, that can handle your case. But there are a lot more sites out there, that would like to put a Band-Aid on a big gaping, bleeding wound. So use your common sense when choosing your site. Ask a lot of questions. See how fast they get back with you. It is your money that you're putting down on the table, It is only through questions that you will determine if a site is there just to look pretty, or, if they really do know what they are talking about or not! Also remember you get what you pay for. If you go to a site and they tell you that they can stop your bleeding for 150, 50 or 20 dollars, well like I said before in other pages, use your common sense. Now, let me make you this offer. If you, the client, can find a site that offers you what I;m offering you then I will match their fee. Even if it means a loss to myself. But, I really don't think you're going to find a site like Dragon Spells out there. Here is my offer, my guarantee and challenge to you.

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