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"Where In Gods green Earth does he get this Angelic ranking and belief system from?" You may be asking yourself. Well here it is guys, because I'm going to try to explain it on this page. Let's start with the term "Creator." This term, or title, encompasses everything living and dead, tangible, or intangible, or illusive to the senses, in our existing reality we call life. This would also apply to the Universal aspects of our Cosmos as well. I have placed this title of "Creator" as the over all force of creation, and attributed to it the name, Jehovah Tetragrammaton. Which, translated out of ancient Hebrew or Messianic Judaism, and later the Coptic Church of Christianity, as meaning, "The Father, The Son , and The Holy Spirit." This Celestial head can also be defined as God, Goddess, High Angelic Host, and still yet, the Yen, Yang, and Toe, of the Chinese forms of faith.

This, as I have stated above, encompass the whole of Divinity, as I, and many in the world know it. But as you can see, I have left room for clear interprations for one to use, or not use, in a particular name, or set of names, in the combination of an individuals belief system, if they so choose to take this path. As we move into the Angelic realms, you will notice on this site, the many names derived from Christianity and Judaism describing or titleing different Angelic Host's, as being "Angel of light or dark . . . order and chaos. These are merely descriptions used by me, to better describe an Angelic aspect of the higher thrones of the Trinity, to you. Even though, they can act separately, or in a combined effort, to suit an individuals wishes, from either of the Heavens. Case in point . . .

Angels to the Trinity, would be like your body is to your mind. Your body is waiting for your brain to give it a command, for that function in time and place. Such is the case with Divinity, as an Angelic Host orders aspects of itself to do certain things. So, when one looks at it in this fashion, there is really no room for malevolent, benevolent, or good and evil, behavior within the core of this Divinity. It is only capable of righteous action and motion, through the making of constructive situations out of destructive situations. Thus, when something goes wrong in life for a person, this Divine Force is either, preventing this person from taking a path that will lead over all to their destruction in life, or, it is merely creating a better situation out of another situation for that person to receive something better in their life. Also, this force,

I think, wishes us to realize that our world to us, is filled with impossibilities, and that we are a prisoner of our own making, through our logic,rationality and traditional ways of doing things, ect. When all we really have to do, is have faith in this Divinity. Let them handle any given situation for us, that appears to us in life. We must learn to trust them to lead us out of our present day difficulties, and so forth. After all, in their world, exists only possibilities. They are not bound by anything, mentally nor physically. Hence miracles are possible for us all, through prayer to this awesome force. The ancient Egyptians and Roman high government of Ceasers and Pharos, thought themselves to be Gods and Goddesses at that time, dedicated great structures to themselves. Hoping that they would live eternally from these tombs, as long as their mummies stayed intact within the tomb. But, I think, this only served to imprison their spirits and caused them to be recycled over and over, through many more lifetimes, to rid them of ego, ect.

Some thought, as some still do, that if they aren't a God or Goddess, they are at least demigods or half human and half Divinity, ect. But the fact of the matter is, we never were, and never will be! Ulike being at the level of a high Divinity, some of us may be the offspring of a few types of Angelic presence. Case in point . . . the Nephlim. An Angelic Host finding favor with mortal women,in the first books of Genesis. If this be the case, then this offspring would be empowered with certain gifts. Such as prayer, or a better communication to the whole of Divinity.More so than the common person. Now if such a human existed, and the birth right of Angelic traits existed within their personality, such as might have been the case with Jesus Christ or Buddha, then really, this is not a dream come true or a blessing.

For the sole reasoning that, a person with such capabilities, would still have the same weaknesses of the average person. But would be held far more accountable for their actions. More so than the average person. If a person had the confidence of knowing their station in life, then they would at least be warned of what was expected of them. But often times, I would think, this would not be the case for most. Thus, they would take it much harder in life, than most of their cibblings or peers. We are a part of the Divine plan. We also, are a simple aspect of Divinity, in the respect, that we have a little piece of Divinity within each of us, called the soul. Like all the other aspects of Divinity, we are subject to the will of the higher thrones or over all mental energy make up of the Universe substance. O.k., back to the God and Goddess aspects. For my male aspect, I have chosen the God, "Pan," to which was the first name given to Divinity, out of the pegonistic communities. Shortly after, it was decided to give the Earthly elementals names and Satan was speaking to a adversary to what he was trying to do.

At that time in the church, the term Satan had been incorporated into the doctrine of faith, and was made to represent everything evil and unholy in and around the human being. Out of that, devils and demons were born riding on the backs of dragons. Since I really don't buy into the story of a fall in Heaven, or, Satan and Hell, I will use the term of the early Coptic Church's title of Satanicha for an order of Dark or chaos Angels that simply cause movement in any given situation. Or, a personality flaw that manifests in a negative or harmful way to a person that is causing a direct affliction to that person. Such as, he is his own worst enemy or adversary. As to the name I use most often, with prayers and the like, would be Pan/Lucifer or just PanLucifer as I recognize that these two aspects of Divinity to be one and the same polarity. I also distinguish a term of Satan, Satanicha, or Chaos orders to be separate, and far removed from these personalities.

His attributes lie in the areas of making things green, such as sex, fertility, music, partying, fun and so forth. Later on, the Babylonian societies made him a God of enlightenment or knowledge. Hence, the Coptic Church turned him into a fallen Angel at the turn of the fifteenth century, because of either a mistranslation or by premeditation to control the population. They used the stories of this Babylonian King that mistreated and severely abused his people in the New Testament, to do such with. The name Lucifer was then associated with the name Satan to which ment adversary, or the accuser, to which interestingly enough, was the title of the ancient roman tax offices or IRS back then (LOL). This term, was used commonly at that time, "Your Satan," or "He is the Satan" or " they are the Satan's spawn," meaning the ultimate insult for who ever it was cast upon, if it were an Angel or a human that tempted Jesus Christ in the desert that day. Who knows? When Jesus said, "Get thee behind me, Satan," moved him from this level of Divinity.

As I still maintain, at the same time, both levels are beneficial in their own context of use. Now, on to the explanation of the Goddess aspect of Divinity or where I have derived it from. I choose to use the Deity Goddess Diana for my female aspect of Divinity. Her attributes would be of magic, the hunt, love, and so forth. She is also equated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity, Isis, and Venus in other cultures. The Goddess Diana is derived out of both English, Greek and Roman societies and can be found readily in the mythology of these cultures. As I have written on other pages, within the content of this site, I basically look at any Angelic presence as high Divinity. For the sole reasoning that most, if not all, were extracted from the ancient Gods and Goddess from many different lands rangeing from Babylon, Greek, Roman, Egypt, Europe, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and so forth.

The core to all of these deities, no matter what land or people they are derived from, are without a doubt, and to the best of my understanding, linked directly to the Elementals. Which is the physical manifestation and roots of any Divine Angelic order. Now, of course, the Catholic Church would more then likely be up in arms with my views and over all outlook on Divinity, but who cares? Besides, I would dare to venture, that they have more problems then they can handle right now, don't you think? For many years I was a hard core Catholic. That fizzled down into just believing that something was there. But I didn't have a clue as to what it was. Why did I leave, early on, as many are doing now? Because, I saw beyond the illusions of their interptations of both the Old and New Testaments. There were many questions left unanswered at that time for me. Through the years, I have come to the conclusion of certain facts through the self physiological evaluations, logic, faith, fact, and a hard driven obsession, to know the truth. In the beginning, a person faces their birth alone. In the end, a person faces their death again alone.

So the only truth in life, that is worth seeking, is the key to the understanding of ones origins of the spirit and matter that will place a person on that road to a life forever and without end. Of course, I don't possess the total knowledge of what Divinity is, consists of, or why we all are here. I would not be that presumptuous as to know fully the workings of the Divine, but I do have a pretty good idea what works for me. There are many out there that would damn me for Witchcraft and would even call these views an abomination or blasphemy. Or, would say that I am just picking and choosing what is covenant for me out of the Bible and other Holy text. Also, that I am going against God's teachings by not only believing in these views, but for placing them on the global airways for all to see. I would say this to any who oppose these personal views. In the end, no doctrine or priest or doctor, can save you as medicine and theology becomes useless to a dieing body. When I am lying there beyond repair and this Force that is known by many names, asks me, " What do you have to say for yourself?" My reply will be, "I did the best that I could with the choices and situation given me by you."

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