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Greetings, dear friends.

To illustrate the differences between a single spell casting and
what is called "Timed Enchantment", the single casting takes approximately
two weeks to create and as much as up to four hours to cast.

Many times I will work through the night in the casting process,
giving my full attention and complete focus to ensuring your enchantment or
spell is performed with optimal results according to your heart's desire, or
your wish.

This level of spell casting addresses the many areas of your
particular circumstances or situation in entirety all at once, thus
tending to address the person's problem rather quickly in the way of partial
but immediate results in most cases. The single spell casting is built both
for speed and strength.

However it also places more emphasis on speed rather then
excessive strength. The Timed Enchantment spell level is designed for not
only speed but more so for long term strength and/or lasting power.

"The Timed Enchantment" is performed on a different type of
casting format in retrospect to the single one time casting as the creation
of the Timed Enchantment spell actually starts the day I receive a
person's materials that contain their Vital Components, wish letter, etc.

Many reciepients choose to write their wish letter and any
photographs they choose to send to me over e-mail- while mailing to my home
their Vital Components which are accepted ONLY by Express Mail to ensure
that they arrive to me undamaged and as newly collected as possible.

With the Repetitive castings a small spell is performed on a
person's behalf addressing a different issue in that person's over all
situation to which we draw from the letter of instruction that we receive
from the recipient of the enchantment.

A series of spells are performed throughout the week and results
in the final strenthening spell at the end of that particular week. This
process is repeated for four weeks at which time a "High Power Enchantment"
is performed that once again addresses each and every issue for the
reciepient of the previous weeks and thus ending the 30 day cycle.

This entire process can be repeated for 30, 60 or 90 days
typically, however reciepient of any particular enchantment that is involves
does have the option to purchase extended time such as in the case of having
the spell go 120 days or longer- In other words, the longer your
enchantments continue, the stronger they become in power and effectiveness
depending on your particular circumstances. Each and every Timed Spell
builds upon the previous ones, making the overall casting of the enchantment
as a whole the most powerful and charged that it can possibly be.

If you are interested in purchasing a Timed Spell that will give
your enchantment the maximum of added power for any desired amount of time,
please call us and we will personally speak with you or write to you over
e-mail to answer any questions you have concerning this.

When leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly, be sure
to state your name and telephone contact number. Unless your situation is
of an urgent nature, your phone call will be returned within 24 hours.

Specially Timed Foundation Love Spells

Greetings To Our Special Friends Seeking More Love Spell
Extreme Power Boosting & Love Spell Anchoring Information.....

Are you seeking a more powerful spell than just a one time
casting Love Spell? The 30 day spell perhaps is what you are looking for.
The thirty day spell can be used for any spell that you see on our web site.

This customization of a spell causes more intensity in the
clients and target's life which makes the spell happen sooner.

This spell is performed for 30 consecutive days- meaning there
is a spell done every day for thirty days in a row. In this type of spell I
perform several different things that are not performed in normal spells.

One of the things being is I perform several spells that include
scrying, which aids in the development of the relationship. Through this the
Sorceress will be able to direct Angels and Higher Powers of her choosing
to certain situations that will in return cause the spell to manifest more

Through the use of King Solomon's magic the 30 day spell
consists of 3 sequences of prayers. These different types of prayers give
the Sorceress the ultimate control over the situation.

Here she will before God, The Higher Powers, and the Angels ask
that the spell be granted and the offering of blood, the appropriate herbs,
rare imported oils, rare incense, and specially prepared food is given for
the offering that must be the best, and the most pure.

This spell takes the time of a week or less depending on your
circumstances-- to create, and consists of some of the following implements:

Wooden, wax, or cloth dolls, Ancient Alphabets, Astrological
Charts, Numerology Charts, Elemental Tablets, Blood Offerings from the
Sorceress only, Metal, Stone, Herb and Biological Alchemies, Ancient Old
Testament Biblical Languages and text will be used, Virgin Parchment Paper
that is used to write the prayer on, Magical Quill Pen & Ink are used in
keeping in the 15 century tradition of writing the spell, Certain Biblical
Invoking and Angelic Ranks of our Creator along with its aspectual names of
the Ancient Gods and Goddess are used, Aggressive Language is used in both
the Invoking of the Elemental & Universal Elementals to insure the success
of a Task, Tarot & Rune readings are used for the Tracking of the spell,
Various forms of incense are burned, Elemental & Universal signs, sigils,
planetary and Angelic signatures are used to call in the nine orders of
Angelic host or heresies etc.

If you would like to know more about this spell, then please
e-mail me and I will be more than happy to assist you with this.

As far as the fee for this spell, it varies from case to case.
If you e-mail us with your request , either James or Jan will be more than
happy to give you the price of any of the special spells on this site, or we
will custom design a spell just for you.

High Enchantress Jan Windglows welcomes you to write to her at
any time. Please send to:
All Phone Calls Are Returned Within 24 hours unless urgent in
nature. When leaving a message, be sure to include your call back telephone
number- your call is very important to us!

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 805-455-6548

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