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Then this presence took me up again, to another place, and then as I descended down into this place, I saw all the animals that I had ever lost. And upon looking upward, I saw a grand Castle, to which was as perfect as the landscaping around it. This place looked like a Kingdom of light and was very beautiful in every way. It had stained glass windows that stood 50 or 60 feet high, as was these rather large double wooden doors that swung wide open to receive me on my arrival. Inside this place, I saw all of the people that I had ever lost in the past before me, including family members and even people that I didn't really know, but knew that they were related in some way to me, or had a connection to me in some way.

All of these folks came out to greet and welcome me home. As I started to walk into this grand place reunited in the arms of all the people that I at one time held dear in life, a voice spoke to me and said: "If you take another step you can never go back!" At this point, despite the beckoning of all that were there, I knew that I had to go back and take care of the ones that I had left behind. As I backed away from them, they asked me where I was going. I told them that I had unfinished work to do, meaning home repair work to do around the house. How lame is that excuse? HuH? hee hee hee.

But then, a larger voice came to me and spoke. "Yes, you do have much work to do. But it is not as you think." I asked, "Why did you promise me that you would never leave me? But then, when all these horrible things happened to me through out my life, you never seemed to be there. Even when I gave up everything and loved nothing or no one more than you? My family and friends all died, and I blessed your name. My mother and Father had forsaken me and cast me to the dark corners of the world at the age of five. I trusted you as they ripped me from my Mother. I was struck down with great illness and I blessed your names, And I was jailed for things to which I had not done. I knew that you had a special reason for me being there, I asked then, "Where were you in the mist of my despair, pain and trouble?"

But I heard nothing back from you... And when I signed the pact with the dark heaven, where were you and why didn't you break the quill to which I used to sign this pact in my own blood?" Still no answer came. And then a day came that I had no more strength left to fight any longer and I was so tired of the destruction that I had caused through out my life. I was tired of cursing Divinity as well. I had no more ego. No more anger that ate away at me like a cancer for years. I was just tired of being here, you see, because I thought that the ones that I had swore to die for, had forgotten about me as everyone else had done through out my life. Basically I was tired of being here in this life. So one dark cold night I performed one last spell for myself. I had invited this force of Creation to come and give me sweet silent eternal sleep.

I did this, because I felt at the time, there was nothing left for me but more misery in this veil of tears we call life. Well, to make a long story short, I went into these dark places again, and before I knew it, I was slammed back into my body. It was like being hit in the chest by a freight train. All the pain and agony was back ten fold, mentally and physically, as I gasped deeply for breath. At this same time my eyes opened wide, and there I was back in my bed again. Now, as I began to move, it was realized by me at that time, that no part of my body was moveable. My body lie still for an hour and a half. I just laid there in great pain and was heavy and numb all at the same time.

Again, trying to make this short, I can not account for one hour. From the time I fell a sleep to the time my eyes opened. I was able to get up after a while. After I re-learned how to stand and walk again, and went to a mirror to have a look at myself. I looked way dead, as in my eyes were sunken in, my skin was sheet white, nails gray, lips purple, skin cold and clammy, blood seemed jelled, and then I knew it wasn't just a dream after all. I remembered the spell that was done a week before. I suffered two lesser incidents like this down the road, because it took a while to sink in what I was told by them to do and I wasn't doing it. So they sent me some little heart attacks to remind me of where I was. My friends, you may perhaps be asking yourselves at this point, why is this guy telling me all of this, all I want is a spell. This is my answer to you...

All the answers that I had been asking Divinity all of my life, they spoke to me in a single second in time. They were with me in the jails! They were with me when my family and friends died! They were with me when the world persecuted me! They were with me in every waking second of my hopelessness and sorrow! They understood my anger! And when I felt lost, they were there sending help to me when I couldn't bear taking another step. They were with me through all the horrible things in my life. And as far as my question as to where they were, and why they put me in harms way, here is what they answered . "You ask to understand the World in all it's sufferings, and now you do. Because you have tread ten life times through holy trials by fire, who better to give the world hope and show them the way, than someone who has rose from there own destruction?" In a beam of light they had given me the keys to happiness.

The meaning of life is to learn the lessons of life that are given of Divinity. By learning the knowledge obtained through these lessons of life, you will achieve the second question of, "What is the meaning of my life?" Which is, to be as happy through the wisdoms learned as you can be, then avoid the pitfalls or bad situations in this life. Thus freeing yourself from strife and trouble caused by bad decisions. The force of Creation is many aspects of itself, and is all loving. But will invoke death and chaos in ones life for the betterment and over all good of a persons development. Our perceptions of the way Divinity works and the ranking of these spiritual beings is just that "Our perceptions" And are not the perceptions that they hold for themselves perhaps. This site was opened up, as a direct product of this experience, and in accordance with what I was instructed to do with my life by these forces.

This site is inspired by Divinity directly and I place all credit on them for any miracles granted in a persons life. All that I can do is ask a thing of them and nothing more. There are a lot of people out there that will promise you anything, go on further to claim that they are the best in the world, and can do anything for you, [[ Please BeWare]] of them, because I don't think they understand the full ramifications of the destruction they are committing in the lives of good people every where. But will become aware of this soon enough. I am a seasoned High Wizard of the high magical arts, and I take my work very seriously. If you are serious about resolving your problem, then you have found the right place. After reading these pages, please go have a look at my informational site, "Dragon Spells." I think you are really going to like this site.

You should find just about everything there that would pertain to spell casting. If some reason it doesn't address your questions, then please contact me and I will personally be more than happy to answer any and all of the questions that you may have. Thank You very much for stopping by, and I hope to be speaking with you soon.

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows
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