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The Most Advanced, fastest acting, Powerful Death Magick Available In The World.....
Performed By A Licensed Spell Caster
When contacting us concerning "The Advanced Black Magick Death Spell and or Karmic Justice Spell", please be sure you have your spell fee and at least one imprint from the subject you want this spell cast on at the time you email or call us about this spell.  The one time fee for the Advanced Black Magick Death Spell is $5,000.   Serious inquiries only from persons who have the entire spell fee and one imprint from the person that this spell is to be cast on at the time you email or call us about this particular spell will be considered for this casting. 
If you do not have the fee and at least one imprint of the subject this spell is to be cast on, your request will not be considered. We have an overwhelming number of people that contact us about this particular spell on a daily basis about this particular spell so we appreciate your taking the time to read this page over carefully and following our instructions before you contact us concerning this particual spell casting. 
When contacting us by email, tell us all about your situation in as much detail as possible, however do not write little short statements like " I need a fast death spell cast immediately" or " I need a death spell" or one liner vague statements such as that without explaining in as much detail as possible why you want or need this spell.  You need to tell us all about your situation and why you want this casting performed so we can effectively evaluate your situation and give you a fast response to your email.  
Short vague statements without providing a detailed situational history when writing to us will only cause our response back to you to take longer, so the first time you email  us about this spell, please provide a detailed situational history, giving us at least your first name and then telling us what happened to you and why you feel you need this spell  so we will know how to address you the first time you write to us will enable us to contact you back much sooner and give you all the necessary details about this spell.  We will be happy to help you and do appreciate your kind cooperation in providing your detailed situational history to us the first time you write to us.
We need details about your situation so that we can effectively evaluate your situation and see whether or not your situation warrants this particular spell before we begin making arrangements to cast this spell for you.  
Also any emails that are sent in to us that complain about not having any money to pay for a spell because you were "scammed" by other casters and are broke now and need a free spell cast by us will not be considered because we have nothing to do with what happened to you before you contacted us.  We are a business, pay our taxes every year, and do charge a fee for performing our castings.  "The Advanced Black Magick Death Spell" is an exceptional casting that is very elaborate and time consuming to prepare and does not qualify for the free spell program. 
The Necronomicon tells of the "Ancient Ones", who arrived on the primal earth from "Dark Stars". 
When land appeared They swarmed from the oceans to build cities at the poles and raise temples to those cursed by the Gods.

Their ghoulish spawn ruled the earth until the "Elder Lords", appalled at their abominations.

The Necronomicon tells of the "Ancient Ones", who came to the arth before it was fully formed by the "Elder Gods". The "Old Ones" and their hellish spawn ruled the earth until the "Elder Gods" took offense.

The Necronomicon contains the lost knowledge of the Elder Gods, the Ancient Lords Of Darkness that held dominion over the earth aeons ago. The Great Ancient Ones hold the keys to opening forgotten gateways between worlds, the text prophesies the return of the Great Ancient Ones and contains forbidden rituals of summoning that will bring about their resurrection.

These other realities where the Ancient Ones sought shelter are accessible to human beings through magic, and some of that magic is purported to be described in the pages of the dread Necronomicon.

In addition to the history of the Ancient Ones and other Extra Terrestrial races on our planet, and the ritual ways to communicate with these beings, the Necronomicon describes the technique of raising the dead back to life, and other aspects of the venerable art of Necromancy, such as spell workings that have a great deal to do with life and death
Moreover, we as being the leading authorities of The Advanced Black Magickal Arts in the world, have on many occasions contacted the Great Elder Gods and The Great Ancient Ones to take part in the darkest most advanced black magickal death spell of the century.

Join us now as we take you on the journey to the coast where this ancient spell first took place, an old house built on a rock in which below the actual house building, were many caves and a large cavern which the Elder God Cthulu was actually conjured out of the depths of the ocean with this highly and most advanced black magickal death spell. We then took our spell to  the beautiful Canon Beach in Oregon.
Death Spell Magic Magick, Revenge Magic, Destroy Your Enemy Spells

Advanced Death Necromonicon Scroll Over 30 Feet In Length

                                                                    Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - Love Spells, Spells Casting, Castings For Love And Financial Success

Note The Hand Carved Wooden Scroll Fashioned From Rain Trees By Master Wizard Morgan And Ornately Embellished By High Enchantress Windglows

The balls of light seen in this photograph are actual "paranormal phenomena" that some term "Orbs" which are in fact actual and very real Dark Angelic Beings that encircled and danced around Jan as she performed this Advanced Black Magick Death Curse.

Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - Love Spells, Spells Casting, Castings For Love And Financial Success                  

                                                         Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - fast fastest love spells strongest most powerful black and white magick protection and money spells width=
"Death Spells"........A subject that many other magickal web sites won't address - however we have no problem in ridding you of your foe or foes in a very rapid manner.....with our time proven highly Advanced Death Magick Curse Enchantments.

This type of specialized magick is termed as "Advanced Death Magick." These types of spells rapidly and permanently rid you of your foe or foes by death working in your enemy's natural environment.

In other words, what "death" magick accomplishes the drastic and very permanent complete removal of someone who is a foe in your life. Removing your enemy from your life, your environment, your surroundings....very rapidly, completely, and that you can finally have the peace and happiness you want, need, and deserve.

Are you more comfortable staying in the realm of Voodoo? If so, there's no problem with this - as we are voodoo specialist's, and excel in the area of Ancient Old World Voodoo Death Spell Curses. The great thing about our spells is that karmic pay back doesn't exist as all of our spells are written up in the ways of Peace, Love, and Justice.

We are masters of this particular and highly advanced Death Spell Craft that has been passed down to us by our families of sorcerors and sorceress from as early as the 13th and 14th centuries. This art includes hand crafted "Life And Breath Dolls." The Hand Drafting of the Target's very own specifically designed Astrological spell offering plate, that incorporates thousands of Angelic Host dealing in WAR, DESTRUCTION, and MALEVOLENCY that will in turn results in an extremely rapid fashion specific to the client's requests.

Our highly advanced and very specialized Death Spell Curses quickly manifest in many diverse ways in the target's natural environment specifically for the purpose of ridding the client very rapidly and permanently of the enemy foe.

Ridding yourself of an enemy via magically, is quick and highly effective as it fully unfolds through the natural circumstances of the enemy Target.

Spells for the fine Magickal art of Death Curse Magick Spells are normally what is referred to as "Blood "Spells; as blood is the main currency used to appease the Angelic Host of WAR, LOSS, TORMENT, ACCIDENTS, ETC. and much more adversity than one can imagine, that would be carrying out the client's wishes in regards to, say for instance, removing the other man or woman from a marriage or other type of relationship, or whatever the case may be.

In fact these types of spells maximize the punishment to the ENEMY FOE to match the punishment for the offenses that the ENEMY has inflicted upon the client in the manner of not only radically severing the ENEMY FOE from the client's life by a QUICK DEATH, but giving the client all the elements of a highly specialized designed state of the magical art " Ultimate Divine Retribution" upon the ENEMY FOE in every way that is specifically requested by the client.

A dark death curse of this nature depending on the circumstances involved in the individual situation may also be combined with a marriage curse or to utterly RUIN the life of the enemy foe completely that might be looking to undo a marriage situation. Our black magic Death Curses are REAL SPELLS that are fast acting and waste no time for the client in getting the job done.On the other hand, perhaps your'e not looking to cast a curse but needing to have a death curse removed.

To remove a Death Curse from a divorce or marriage situation would be a good thing for all concerned. We cast top of the line spells protecting against death, divorce, and other curses. If you believe that someone has sent you a curse spell to cause you to greatly suffer, then you better not play around with this, as it will achieve it's ultimate goal of sudden magical manifestation if given the time to do so.

These types of spell enchantments are stealthy and manifest very rapidly. If caught in time, the damage caused can be reversed. If a person is slow to get immediate help their situation, it will only grow more dire as time goes on. All that's needed is the Target's name and a hand written letter of request to Divinity sent to us. If you do possess imprints of the intended Target, then all the better. Most of the time a picture and a name will do.
Do you feel someone may have cast a Death Spell On You?  Read the list here below and if you answer "yes" to four or more, then you are in  fact under a death curse and will need a curse / hex removal spell. 


The Signs Of A Death Curse:


(1)- Loss of appetite.
(2)- Loss of sleep.
(3)- Numerous Nightmares.
(4)- Loss of friends for no reason.
(5)- Constant Love & Relationship problems.
(6)- Frequent Illnesses for no apparent reason.
(7)- Non-diagnosable medical problems.
(8)- Aggression coming from Strangers. Friends and Family.
(9)- Endeavors never seem to work out to the positive.
(10)- The lack of or very poor finances.
(11)- Seeing & Hearing things others don't.
(12)- Thoughts of Suicide for no apparent reason.
(13)- Frequency of accidents and or freak accidents.
(14)- The continual and over whelming feeling of Dread or Dispair.
(15)- The Quick Termination of Relationships.

..Let's Discuss The Difference Between "Disruption Spells" AND "Death Spells"... 


The difference between Disruption and "Death" Spells. The Disruption spell is primarily designed to cause complete and utter havoc in the Recipient's life by removing and destroying the prosperity in that person's life not to mention affecting their health. family. love life and co-worker relationships.

In other words, this type of magick will literally turn the enemy foe's life as they have known it, upside down. So much chaos will happen to the enemy foe that it will confuse and bewilder them, causing them to be vexed in countless diverse ways while their life is literally falling apart right in front of their eyes to their disbelief, while the client witnesses this happening, they are greatly consoled knowing that Divine Retribution is finally taking place on the enemy foe.

The disruption spell seeks to isolate and bring the Target down into ruin for a time. This type of spell can be tailored to a certain degree of intensity, time, and effect thus only rendering a subject helpless temporally if this is the client's wishes.

The Disruption spell utilizes the Earths Elementals meaning the Spiritual realm. Resources from the Earth. Air. Fire and the Sea. If you think about theses things make up the composition of and dictates what our living environments will be. For example: the spell will use things made from the Earth. The air we breathe.

The electricity and heat we use to warm ourselves and moreover that allows us to cook our food. The fluid that we must drink to keep our bodies hydrated etc. The spiritual presence is in all of these Elementals. These are the vehicles that spell work moves through to effect not only a Individual physically but through their environment around them in daily life.

High Enchantress Jan is well versed and most accustomed to calling in these various Elementals via the use of certain Angelic and or God/Goddess names that rule over a given force of nature be it of the Earth or the entire components of the Universe. I won't get in to all the philosophy of magical use and calling at this time however perhaps at another more appropriate time we will explore this.

....Death Spell Curses as opposed to Disruption Spell Curses... 

Our Advanced Death Curses are not primarily concerned with applying a time alotted pressure or the temporary repression of it's target, but the complete and utter destruction of the life of the intended Target, and moreover the complete dismantling of the enemy target's life to the point of bringing the enemy down to the point of actual death manifestation.

Because of the flexibility of the "Disruption" spell it can be applied to several types of situations such as getting rid of a unwanted lover. tyrannical boss or to break up a relationship however the Death spell isn't so flexible as it is fully geared to radically remove your enemy foe completely and permanently from your life.

The Advanced Black Magick Death Curse is specifically designed to rid you of an enemy foe by whatever means it has at its disposal that is in the living enviroment of the enemy foe. This spell is fast acting and straight at you in your face so to speak and the effects are seen all most immediately to all around the Target, causing exactly what it terms, will at first cause "Disruption."

For the enemy's life to be dismantled and fall apart completely thus causing an extreme amount of suffering in every area of their life....unto a quick rapid death.......PLEASE keep in mind that this spell is only for those who have an enemy that you simply cannot deal with any other way.

The Advanced Black Magick Death Curse is VERY harsh to your enemy and VERY progressive in nature and never regressive in strength or longevity. This all sounds pretty grim to the unsuspecting traveler that has just accidentally happened upon this site however their is nothing grim in protecting one self or to right a situation that has gone terribly wrong in a persons life. Many times in this world justice does not prevail when we leave it up to the law of the land to resolve life issues. Our Advanced Black Magickal Death Curses are all custom designed according to the client's wishes with NO KARMIC retribution to the client whasoever, because all of our Advanced Black Magick Death Curses are meticulously written up in the names of Love, Peace, and Justice. It has taken me many years to perfect this type of spell action. I'm happy to inform you now that I have it down to a exact science.

Manifestation time takes place in less than three to four weeks. The Dark Angelic Host are the worst and most malevolent Ones that I evoke during this ritual, and have a magickal reputation of making enemies disappear very quickly. This you can rest assured of .With the dark entities and dark orders of Angelic Host that I call to do the task, specifically these dark super beings take great pleasure in getting rid of people and actually think of their targets as "food."

This is precisely the reason that for a death spell, I call upon these types of entities. And this type of spell involves so much more than simply "calling" on Them. I have to present the spell exactly perfect or They will become greatly offended......therefore I am certain you now understand that most if not all spell casters on the Intenet today do NOT perform this kind of highly advanced Death Curse Magick, as they simply are not knowledgeable enough, experienced enough, or confident enough in their own magickal abilities and or experience in this very specialized field of Advanced Black

If you are a person that has tried everything magically under the sun and you just have fallen short in all your efforts of resolving a particular problem then you may wish to consider this spell action. If your problem is dire and only growing worse by the day and you need both a extreme and permanent remedy to your problem then why not take advantage of my expertise in this field of magical discipline. Its quick. clean and easy to get going with this process as all you will have to do is make a call. Give me the name of the Target and we will take it from there.

No personal information is needed from you and everything concerning this operation is kept in the strictest of confidence. Change your life for the better and make the call today so that either James or I can address any questions or concerns that you might have. More links and contact information is listed at the bottom of this page....These spells are the type of advanced black spells that I use that are very rapid and strong. The manifestation times are different according to the individual case.

If you are seriously considering ordering this spell, please make SURE it is truly what you are wishing for. Advanced Death Spell Curses cannot be reversed so therefore be careful what you are wishing for......because this is the type of advanced magickal working that is rare however very permanent to the target......please write to High Enchantress Lady Jan Windglows and give her all the details of what you need for a fast response within 24 hours.

High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows

What Doeth Lurk In The Darkest Parts Of The Earth That Seeketh To Eat The Flesh Of My Enemies........

High Enchantress Jan will call  The Dark Angelic Host Of Death And Destruction......

Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - fast fastest love spells strongest most powerful black and white magick protection and money spells width=                   

Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - Love Spells, Spells Casting, Castings For Love And Financial Success 

                                                    Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye -fast fastest love spells strongest most powerful black and white magick protection and money spells width=
Advanced Black Magick Death Spell Altar

                                                                Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - Love Spells, Spells Casting, Castings For Love And Financial Successtable » tbody » tr » td » table » tbody » tr » td » div » div » span » aWords: 5003

Orbs seen in this photograph are actual paranormal phenomena, called "Orbs" which are actually Dark Angelic Powers all around Jan as she performed this Advanced Black Magickal Death Curse

Advanced Black Magick Spells By Castle Dragon's Eye - Love Spells, Spells Casting, Castings For Love And Financial Success
The Advanced Black Magick Death Curse


Due to the high demand and success rate of this particular spell casting, it is manditory to place this warning on Blood Love And Lust Spells. The spell casting operation illustrated above is considered to be fast acting and serious in nature.
 However like all other types of spell work it's subject to working through a person's natural set of circumstances or environment to achieve the desired results. As a result of this previous statement we can not pin point the exact time of spell manifestation or occurrence and or in what way the results of the spell might occur in the Target's life.
This may very from case to case depending on situational factors and Divinity. Please let me also say at this point that we are simply a High Grade Black Magick spell casting site performing a service that remains neutral and non-judgmental with any spell request.

We will process all request through spell castings only and will never at any time or under any circumstances physically take part in or physically contribute to any given request especially one of this nature. We will only handle a request such as this through spell casting operations Only in other words. In short: Casting a spell and or praying for someone's early demise isn't unlawful or considered a crime however physically carrying it out or attempting to carry it out is against the law as we all know.

Again, A Warning. Any spell request made to us while using: manipulation. deception. mis-representation. lying or otherwise in the hopes of obtaining a spell action from us will certainly result in Divine Retribution to that person in question. In other words Don't Do It. If a individual should ignore this warning then it's on them and they will pay the price. With this being formally stated. I will go on to say that all situational spell information obtained is held in the highest and or strictest of confidence. All information regarding this or any other spell work is destroyed upon case manifestation. The Client will be notified of this.

For more Spell Information:
Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows

Blood Love And Lust Spells
Business E-Mail Address:
Business Phone Number : 208-714-4348

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